Thursday, November 18, 2010

Almost There

Today we set the date for Lu's surgery. It will be on December 15th at All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg. It is about 3 hours from our home so we will probably have to go there on the 13th because Lu has her pre-admission testing on the 14th. Recovery usually takes about a week so hopefully she will be well by Christmas.

While at the cardiologist's, on Wednesday, she was given another echo which revealed Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA). This isn't a serious problem and doesn't change her treatment at all. They will, most likely, just close it up during her surgery next month.

In the weeks since my last post, Lu has grown so much. Her weight gain is still slow but she is at almost 12 lbs. now. She has been rolling over all over the place and loves to hang out in her new walker/exerciser. She has been doing a lot better since her stay in FL Hospital and hasn't really vomited much at all. She is her usual smiley, talkative, and giggly self and we enjoy every second of her cute and happy personality.

Today I made an appointment to get her holiday portraits done but then decided to try them on my own (with my iPhone, LOL). They came out great but we still may keep her appointment to see if we can get some more creative shots of her, since she would only sit for my photo session for about 10 minutes.

I will keep the blog updated, especially when she is in St. Petersburg. Thanks again for all of your support and encouragement!

Lu's First Halloween

Lu's First Holiday Photos

What an angel!

Our First "Chilly" Day

She can now, somehow, maneuver herself out of this seat.

This exerciser is her favorite place to play!

My Little Ham