Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Help a sick child have a nice holiday.

With Lu's surgery being set for December 15th, I started thinking about all the children that will have to spend the holidays in the hospital. We are hoping to be home before Christmas but there are many children who will not be able to be home to enjoy the holidays.

There are many things you can do to help those children have a happy holiday. For instance, you can buy new toys and donate them to your local hospital or stuff some stockings with fun toys and games for the kids to enjoy during their stay in the hospital. Craft kits, coloring books, games, and other activity based gifts are the most beneficial since it can be very boring and uncomfortable for a child who has to stay in bed and those sorts of fun projects offer a distraction from any pain they may be in as well. There are also play rooms on many pediatric floors so they are in need of new toys year round.

While Lu was in the NICU at HRMC, they used several homemade items like quilts, knitted blankets, hats, and booties. They also had cute homemade name plates for the isolettes and cribs, made from inexpensive craft store materials (this would be a cute  idea for kids to help with).

Her is a link with information on how to donate gifts to All Children's Hospital:

If you would like me to deliver the gifts when we are over there, let me know. We are bringing 3 cars over so there will be plenty of room!

There are also several local hospitals that could use your help:

Thanks Everyone and Happy Holidays!

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