Friday, December 3, 2010

Lu's Firsts

Since my last update, Lu has had a lot of firsts. She celebrated her first Thanksgiving, had her first professional Christmas photo shoot (besides the homemade one with mommy), met Santa Clause, and cut her first tooth! She also caught her first cold but it doesn't seem to be bad at all.

Thanksgiving was a blast. We did the usual huge family dinner at Yaya's house where Lu tried her first banana baby food and had a few small tastes of sweet potato casserole, which she loved! She sat in her excersaucer playing and talking while we all ate and talked about the last Thanksgiving where we announced my pregnancy via wrapped framed ultrasound photo. It was a fantastic day and we can't wait for next year when she can sit at the table, with a healthy heart, and eat all of the yummy food.

The Big Announcement- Thanksgiving 2009


Lu's First Professional Photo Shoot

Lu and Sailor Meet Santa

BFFs- Sailor and Lucianna

Lu loved Santa!

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